Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ELD?

An ELD (electronic logging device), helps professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers easily record and transmit data to be compliant with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

How does ELD benefit me?

To meet FMCSA mandatory HOS Compliance.

How does ELD affect me?

Drivers must keep track of their Hours of Service (HOS), a mandate that went into effect from December 2017, requires drivers to use ELDs.

What are the key requirements of the ELD?

  • Automatically capturing federally mandated data, such as geolocation, date and time, miles driven, duration of engine operation, and if the vehicle is moving
  • Automatically transmitting data to office personnel and FMCSA

Who must comply with the electronic logging device (ELD) rule?

The ELD rule applies to most motor carriers and drivers who are currently required to maintain records of duty status (RODS). The rule applies to commercial buses and trucks, and additionally to Canada and Mexico domiciled drivers. (per FMCSA- see their website for exceptions.)

What is the deadline for the ELD Mandate?

Carriers and Drivers subject to the rule must be in full compliance by December 16, 2019.

What are the setup fees?

There are no set-up fees.

Are there additional fees?

There are no installation or cancellation fees.

Do I get a discount for being a Veteran?

As a token of gratitude, veterans will receive a 15% discount with proof of military service. (See our Pricing page for details.)

What if I want to cancel my service?

Our Services offer flexible subscription plans/ no contracts. You can cancel at any time without fees or penalties. (See our Pricing page for details.)

How does the ELD work?

  • Step 1: Install our app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Step 2: Attach the provided ELD device.
  • Step 3: Run the ELD app.
  • Step 4: Start your rig and go.
  • Step 5: ELD does the rest.

What kind of support will I get from ELD Team?

ELD Team remains available 24 hours a day, on all 7 days. Please feel free to Contact us at any time!

Is your current system an AOBRD, EOBR, ELD, or other? Explain.

Our system is an ELD (Electronic Logging Device), fully compliant with the FMCSA mandate.

Will your system be compliant both for the 12/18/17 and the 12/16/19 compliance dates with no additional charge?

Yes, our system is a full ELD system that is already compliant for the 12/16/19 date.

Does the system support both 60 and 70 hour rule sets?

Yes, we support both 60 & 70 hour rule.

Does your system have built-in the capability to automate HOS for short haul drivers?

Yes, they can.

Describe how your system complies with roadside inspection requests from law enforcement.

In the event of a road side inspection, the driver can display the hours of service for the day and the week (7/8 days). By a single click the data can be transferred to the FMCSA portal as per the specification laid down by FMCSA.

Is the system satellite or cellular based? If cellular, does the system allow for cell provider selection? If not, which cell provider network does the system use?

Our solution is evolved around BYOD, it is cellular-based and cost-effectivelution. We have no restriction on the Cell provider. The user is free to choose his/her cellular service provider. The Solution consists of three components,
  • 1. ELD device (Black box) fixed on the ECM port.
  • 2. The Mobile APP (Android & iOS).
  • 3. WEB App (for administrative and monitoring).

The ELD device communicates the engine data to the Mobile APP via Wi-Fi. The Mobile APP communicates to the server via Cellular network.

If cellular, is data collected when the unit is outside of wireless communication coverage?

When there is no coverage the data is stored on the Mobile. Once it’s in the coverage area the automatically synchronizes with the server.

Does the system provide vehicle location and tracking even when the unit is not powered on and/or a mobile device is not linked with it at that moment?

Yes, the system provides vehicle location. We have implemented vehicle tracking system which will be extended to our users. The location information is taken from the ELD Hardware.

What devices are compatible with the system and are multiple smart device operating systems permitted? (Android, iOS, etc.)

Our device is compatible with Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. We also currently have a tablet option with T-mobile for slight extra cost- $10/month for two years for the tablet itself, and $5/month for 5GB of data. We also have signed with multiple tablet providers and give options to our customers to pick and choose.

When and how is data uploaded from the ELD to the back office?

The data is uploaded to the server almost on real-time. If cellular coverage is not available, the data is stored on the mobile, once in coverage the data is automatically synced to the server.

Where and for how long is data stored?

The 7 days logs are stored locally in the mobile and are made available for the driver and at the time road side inspection. The server data is mandatorily stored for period of 6 months as per the FMCSA rules. Beyond this period of 6 months it is the carrier’s discretion to maintain the history logs as long they avail our services.

What back office reports or features are available to manage HOS and available hours?

The following Features are available to manage our ELD solution:
  • Edit My Profile
  • Driver Creation
  • Fleet information
  • Buy ELD Subscription
  • Coupon Management
  • GPS Configuration
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Display Driver Logs
  • Driver Logs along with Geo Location information
  • Graphical representation of driver logs
  • Display real time status of driving hours and violation for the driver
  • Trip/Load Sheet
  • Configure DVIR inspection points

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